Prosperity: By Invation Only


A negative attitude can table even the smallest blessings.

If  good fortune seems like elusive magick, you may be looking on the outside when you need to look within.  When we face challenges we are at the height of prosperity.   It is a matter of perspective that can change the way you define gifts in your life.  If you are wearing the clothing of a ‘have not,’ the universe has no other recourse than to deliver more of the same.

Good fortune in the areas of wealth, material harvest, spiritual gain, financial gain, good health, and thriving relationships are all around you every day.  You can see abundance personified as you look into the mirror.

Your spirit as it reflects the miracle of life back to you and is your partner in creation.  When it comes to examining your life with the power that has created the universe, there is nothing that cannot be given to you.  So what gets in the way?

Even the Best of us fail.

In the January issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah shares her struggles with the negative attention she received during the early years of the OWN network in her What I Know for Sure column.  One of her biggest struggles was excepting the dichotomy of birthing her network with the way it was seen publicly. When she asked herself pertinent questions on how to personally and professionally deal with the issues at hand, she realized that her choices were based in angst and fear about why the OWN network was not as successful as projected.  In self-reflection, Oprah met her ego at the door and commanded it to lie down. She alchemized her decisions with gratitude, welcoming the difficulties to teach her what was most important; she invited the flow of abundance into the ever expanding network.

Discover endless wealth within.

Self-examination is one of the most difficult intimacies of the human psyche to master; however, it is the only way to remove blocks that prevent wealth of every aspect from ever manifesting.   When we address the why of our personal feelings, it nourishes our pain with empowerment.  We then have the courage to not only take responsibility for our decisions, but to deeply understand how to heal the negatives and transcend them.

If you wish to commence an affluence overhaul, first ask yourself the important questions.  Why do I want to be ________ (rich, spiritually balanced, healthy).  Be honest in your answer.  Look at the ways you are already wealthy in both positive ways and in the challenges you face and document them.  Create a contrast list that will help you to identify aspects of your life that need to be amended in order to attain your goal.  Cross out the negatives on the list and replace them with actions that are achievable and transcendent.  In your daily life, shift your perspective from negative to positive, welcoming in all that is positive in every situation.  As this becomes second nature, not only will your attitude change, but you will see that prosperity has excitedly responded to your beautiful invitation.

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