Seven Soulful Ways to Say “I’m Gay.”

hope-will-never-silent--large-msg-129502551714Coming out and proclaiming your sexuality is a sacred process and rite of passage that will be remembered for a lifetime.  Although it is difficult, facing people that you care deeply about and revealing who you truly are, is your path to empowerment.  If you wish to make a heart-felt impact on those that you love, explore these seven soulful ways to go beyond the rainbow and get to the heart of the matter.

1. Educate: Share stories of advocacy and triumph from heroes that have broken barriers pioneering for gay rights.  Share Barbara Gittings’ story: She was among those who demonstrated for the civil rights of the gay community during the mid-1960s at the Pentagon, the White House, and Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.  She served as head of the American Library Association’s Gay Task Force and broke barriers by setting up a gay kissing booth at the 1971 Dallas ALA convention.

2. Draw: If artistry is your talent, draw a picture of the person you love.  Put every ounce of yourself in your artwork.  Invite family and friends to view it.  When they ask who it is, you let them know that it is the person that you love.

3. Pray: This is most helpful in religious families.  Ask to get together to have a prayer circle.  As you lead them in prayer and you extend thanks, thank your higher power for the gift of knowing your sexuality, and ask for the end of oppression to all of your LGBT brothers and sisters.

4. Serve: Service to the LGBT community is a great way to connect to others who are newly outed.  As you serve your community, invite those in your life with whom you are closest to share in servitude.  When they ask why you want to serve the community, you can simply state, because I want to give back to MY community.

5. Facilitate: Start a coming out club.  Gather friends that have yet to reveal their truth and band with them.  Empower one another through the processes and after everyone in your club has come out, throw a “Gaybutant” ball.

6. Chronicle: Make a commitment of time between the time you prepare and the time you come out.  Chronicle that time with journaling, vlogging, or blogging.  Share your inmost feelings, thoughts, hopes and fears.  On the day you decide to come out, share your “coming out chronicles” with those you love first.  Then if you desire, publish to the world.

7. Gratitude: When you come out to your parents, thank them for teaching you bravery and integrity as you share your personal truth with them in the spirit of their nurturing.

Love Inspo: 

Deepak Chopra poses for Adam Bouska.

The Anjana Network would like to like to share deep gratitude to Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley, founders of the NOH8 Campaign.  Adam and Jeff created a silent protest that has swept the world.  We thank you for embodying creativity, self-expression, and empowerment through your campaign!

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