Page Parkes: Inside the Mind & Heart of A Dream Maker

PageWhat would you do if you saw a woman chase you down the street to tell you that you have a future in the entertainment industry?  Would you accept her instant belief in your talents at face value?  Would you follow her to your unrealized dream?  Channing Tatum did.  So did Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Alexis Bledel, and many others that were scouted by Page Parkes.  An industry veteran and household name among the insiders of the modeling and fashion worlds, Page has built a scouting empire in two of Texas’ biggest cities: Houston and Dallas.  She is co-owner of Page Parkes Corporation, the largest modeling and acting agency group in the Southwestern United States.

When I caught up with Page, she greeted me in warm humility and lovingly extended her helping hand to my aide if ever necessary.  Her nurturing spirit was palpable and her enthusiasm was flanked with a quality of appropriate industry seasoning, free from the jaded aloofness that is quintessential in the industry of branding, packaging, and visual marketing.  After warm sentiments were shared, she began to tell me of her humble beginnings.

“I actually started primarily by not having the highest academic skills or grades.  So in my search to find a place for myself, I of course, was attracted to the arts.  Being raised by a single mom, I saw how she was able to use every bit of the adversity she faced to help teach me to solve problems and to win.  So I went to fashion school.  For the first time I was on the Dean’s list.”

Not only did she make the Dean’s List, Page also received the Young Couture Award and studied in Florence under fashion designer icon Emilio Pucci as a designer.  Page’s takeaway from her quest to acquire her sense of self, and finding her niche was bigger than she realized.  She was preparing to create the same opportunities for others as she was able to create for herself.

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“We all have talent in different areas, be it academics, arts or music.  Somehow becoming a successful girl in fashion design school, I saw that if we are encouraged to just follow our passion, maybe I could change the world one teenage girl at a time.”

She began her work as a talent scout for models and actors.  She helped her clients through her own experiences of adversity by paying her life lessons forward.  “I used a lot of the skills I learned from my mother.  In those days I was close to the boys and girls ages that would come in to be evaluated.  Being close to the talent’s age – seventeen, was great because I could relate more to them.  I Page-Parkesshowed them how to climb their way out of where they were and to break through the stories in their head that were false emotions appearing real.  I would show them that there was not a lot of truth to their fears and that they could win.  When they won I won.”

Through her unwavering belief in her clients’ abilities Page helps them to connect to the possibility of their dreams.  She continues to create new ways to offer education and opportunities to those she has scouted.  “It is a conscious choice to do what you love.  I ask myself, do I want to move forward or wind this baby up?”  Coming off the dizzying success of E Channel’s award winning show “Scouted,” Page has opened acting schools across Texas as another pathway to being the benefactor of dreams and a voice for the unheard.

But it isn’t just the industry greats for which she makes the seemingly impossible dream a reality.  She devotes her private time to being a foster mother providing emotional support, spiritual nourishment, and a happy home.  When reflecting on the successes, challenges, and the rewards of such, Page states:  “It was a garden with a million seeds that I planted.  It was a formula.  Each person was missing different pieces of themselves.  If I could build that and help make them whole, it was a very rewarding feeling.  It wasn’t that I was great.  It was that I made a lot of other people great.  I am happy that I saw the light early and that I knew what I wanted to do, was going to do it, and do it right.”

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