Guest Blogger: Mary-Ellen Kelly, ND: Shift Your Heart in Seven Simple Steps

Open HEartPlanet Heart, The Shift To Love, is a book that reveals our ability to heal ourselves, our relationships and in the process, the planet. It outlines a simple 7 step process to shift to the heart and change your relationships, your health or any other situation that is out of alignment for you. Here are 2 examples that show how to implement these 7 principles; the first is a strained relationship and the second, a dis-eased state such as cancer, both of which I have had personal experience with.

1. Responsibility
My sister and I were not on speaking terms and it would have been easy and familiar for me to draw a line in the sand and say, “I always initiate the difficult conversation, let her do it.” But the fact is, I was the one who changed the relating, therefore I had to assume responsibility to mend the relationship and take the first step.
In the health scenario, and this is difficult for many people to hear, I had to acknowledge that I had created the cancerous state in my body. Once I had assumed responsibility for my dis-eased state of health, I was at the same time creating the opportunity to heal. In other words, when I knew that I had created one state and was responsible for it, I knew I could create the other.
2. Everything is Connected
When we truly understand the connectedness of all things, I believe that we treat one another differently. With my sister, this was easy because we are literally connected through our blood and DNA. I was able to soften my approach with her through the understanding of connectedness.

In regard to my health, I knew people that had healed from cancer and because we are all connected and have the same potential, I could see that it was also a possibility for me.

3. Inner Guidance System
To find the answer to what action to take in both of these situations, I looked within simply by getting into a relaxed and quiet space, asking for guidance, and then listen for the answer. With my sister, I realized that speaking in person would be too challenging for me. Instead, I wrote a letter to share my experience with her in order to help to facilitate understanding.

On my journey to health, I prayed and meditated everyday and I was Divinely guided throughout my process of healing.

4. Gratitude
Be grateful for the good relationships that you do have that are uplifting, supportive and joyful. It may be your dog or cat, maybe a family member, a health professional or even a special person who has long since passed – they still can serve a role to move you to happiness.

With respect to health, be grateful for what you do have, right here and now. When I was ill, I couldn’t walk very far or stand to prepare food so I focused on the simple act of breathing – I could do that! I could observe the world around me and I was still here. Focus on what you do have and be grateful for that and build from there.

5. Bite Your Tongue
What we speak about creates a vibrational state around us and attracts things to us or repels them away. If you don’t want it in your life, don’t give it any air time! Here is how it works: two acupuncture meridians end in your mouth, the most yang or masculine point in the upper lip and the most yin or feminine point in the lower lip. The energy of the masculine and feminine come together here and is expressed through your words and creates a vibration. This is why kissing is so sensual. These same meridians begin in the genitals, so you get the idea of the power here. Your words are powerful, be conscious of the ones you choose.

6. Perspective Changes Everything
As Wayne Dyer states, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” With respect to my sister, I had to try to understand things from her perspective and see that maybe she was hurt by the change in our relationship. In doing so, I opened the pathway to understanding between us. With respect to my health, I changed my perspective of who I am as a human being. I saw myself as more than just my body and as a spiritual being having an experience in my physical body. I saw my spirit permeate through beyond my skin and my potential for healing soared because my perspective was different.

7. Letting Go Ensure the Flow
The final step is to simply let go. No expectation. No attachment. With my sister, I sent the letter and I did not know how she would respond or if she would respond, but I was hopeful. With respect to my health, I did not know whether I would overcome a stage 4 cancer, but I was hopeful. Know that there is a universal support system in place to assist you in manifesting your dreams and creating joy and happiness in your life but you must engage it. Today, my sister and I are back to being sisters again, we laugh until we cry and we are exceptionally supportive of one another. With respect to my health, I am free of cancer and without surgery, radiation or conventional chemotherapy…and most of all, I am happy.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Wonderful guest blogger, Dr. Anjana! I learned a lot. Thank you. And, I noticed you have a new bio pic. Love your glasses look!


    1. Anjana says:

      Hi Amanda!

      Yes I really like Mary-Ellen’s practical wisdom. Thank you! I enjoy having four eyes \-0–0-/

      Dr. Anjana


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