The Internal Maternal: Attract Relationship Wholeness

a good note to self
A good note to self.

What does it mean to you to be whole, complete and appreciated in a relationship?  This is something that everyone that lives and breathes whole-heartedly desires.  We wish to have the love of our lives present by our side.  We want to have the perfect home, with a healthy diversification of assets, and vibrant intelligent children.  This is the American Dream.  The path to achieving such blessings is not through the proverbial rat race; instead, it is through painstaking care, tending to each detail of life with joy, acceptance, and love.

Relationships are always going to have challenges and will take every effort of your being to maintain.  This is why attention to your personal wholeness is essential to the health of your relationships.  To be whole means that you have cared for your personal needs in such a way that your life would be just as plentiful without the presence of those around you.  You can live alone, eat alone, stand alone and still be happy with the person you have nurtured to this moment.  If this revelation has happened upon you and you realize that you are not happy with aspects of yourself, do not end relationships and become a hermit until you are perfect.  Your revelation is just asking you to take time away from loving everyone else to spend time getting to know, and falling in love with, yourself.

On the path of self-love and care, you will meet an important figure in your walk of life.  Her name is the Internal Maternal.  The Internal Maternal is your feminine nature at work to heal, empower, connect, and grow.  She is a force that causes all things in nature to grow.  She is the mother of spring and the widow of winter.  Your connection to her allows your heart to be open, yet savvy, while shiva-shaktiyou connect with others without compromising your own needs.  The Internal Maternal is the essence of your conscience and its consciousness.  Through your communication with your maternal instincts you connect to the opportunity to develop life skills and qualities in your relationships that will empower their longevity and solidify their presence in your life.  Integrity, honesty, and commitment are bred from this space as it balances with the internal paternal instincts of survival and logic.  We need both of these aspects to maintain a sense of wholeness in every aspect of our lives.

How do you know when you have connected with your internal maternal?  You begin to see the benefit of struggle; you connect to your life in a way that attracts those of the same mentality toward you.  There will be a banquet of free-flowing self-awareness that will overflow your emotional wellspring.  Relationships will get healthier.  Problems will be more easily surmounted, while encouragement grows as a sturdy oak that will shade your world from judgment.  You will feel a sense of security knowing that you are complete within no matter the result of your personal circumstances.  People will come to you to nourish you and be nourished by you.  The heart of your home will be the nucleus of joy.

It all begins within.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Hello Dr. Anjana,

    Every time I read one of your posts, I am reminded of your depth and wealth of spiritual knowledge. This rings true for me today especially:

    “You begin to see the benefit of struggle; you connect to your life in a way that attracts those of the same mentality toward you.”

    I had a visit with Ally, my therapist, today. We began discussing all of the change that I have experienced since my holistic journey. We absolutely touched on the struggle and how I can see where I’ve been and how I got to where I am now in my spiritual and physical journey. Since I started this journey and truly tapped into my “Internal Maternal”, I have attracted some remarkable individuals with very similar values and/or experiences. This is the greatest reward. I am inspired by them and I find it assists me in staying rooted in my being.

    With love, Amanda


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