Self-Discipline, Authenticity, & Accountability: Essentials for Fulfillment

I-am-worth-it-1Self-discipline is the cornerstone of accountability.  In our intimate, individual relationship with life and its processes, we come to an abundant understanding of this upon our adulthood.  As children, we are dependent on a system that is out of our hands as we arrive at various levels of maturity while in its care for better or for worse.  It is the same system that can blossom the art of self-care or hinder it.   The way your parents have nurtured you, taught you values, traditions, religion, morals and ethics are the same principles (or lack thereof) that your self-discipline, self-love, and self-worth are based upon.

The empowering act of self-discipline is based solely in the love for your experience of life and the preservation of the relationship you have with the life you have come to understand and create.  Examining your life observantly, and making peace with what is beautiful, painful, and pleasing, is the first step toward creating an authentic relationship with your inner nurturer.  This also means that you must hold yourself accountable to your highest good and make sure that you set boundaries with yourself to enable you to say “no” when you need to.  Your health and well-being, priorities, responsibilities are all in your hands, the expectations are laid out by you, karma is the result.

Are you living in the shadow of someone else’s desires for your life?  This could be the reason why you are lacking self-discipline.  The key to unlocking consistency and success for your life is in attaining self-discipline, authenticity, and accountability.  If you are living someone else’s life, you will not find the passion that your human experience requires in order to be fulfilling. Instead, you will find yourself on autopilot, going through the motions, loving out of duty and living secretly in pain.  This is a disloyalty that can harm generations.  You must be disciplined in your loyalty to your deepest heart and highest good.

You may be in the beginning process of realizing that the mistakes you have made are the result of a lack of self-discipline, authenticity, and accountability.   Release self-judgment and anger by creating loving inner-dialogue.  Meet defeat with compassion. Remind yourself that you are not alone in your lesser moments of “weakness” and “failure.”  Let those moments be lessons to assist you to transcend the self-created mundane and build a deeper relationship with self-discipline.  You never have to punish yourself for mistakes.  If you utilize them as a springboard to a deeper sense of devotion through owning them, you will be prepared for the difficult offerings of life.

Creating a life built on the system of punishment and reward is not appropriate to living a healthy, balanced, spiritual, emotional or interpersonally related life.  It is essential that polarity and dichotomy are removed from the hierarchical system of relationship and become tools for learning, opportunities for refuge, and openings for intimacy.  The beauty of your life is dependent on letting go by letting yourself recognize the worth of your promises.

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