A Fingerprint Labyrinth

Life is a spiral without time.  Time is applied to the physical world and our bodies become the keepers of time.  If we look at life and our relationship with it beyond time, we see the poetic depth of a teaching that offers itself to us as deep understanding.  There are times in our lives when we question who we are; we may search for the reasons why things happen.  We perform outward tasks to gain merit, to find a mate, to succeed and to survive.  These ambitions of proof are all pathways to a greater attainment of wisdom in our consciousness if we open our hearts to their truth.

Life is a fight… Life is hard. We enter into the world with a sense of purity, innocence, and a living smile on our face completely unaware of what we have gotten ourselves into while we try to make our lives outside of ourselves.  We live according to culture, tradition and ambition.  Doors close and others open.  Sometimes the wear and tear of disappointment kills the gifts that we take for granted (like the living smiles on our faces and the barefoot carefree nature of our childhood souls).  Failures are inevitable in a world of right and wrong, black and white, and good and bad.  While we are alive, we know that our actions will hurt someone.  There is no one exempt from failure or loss.  The reaction to failure outside of ourselves is judgment and a remembrance of it that will never be forgotten.  The spiral spins downward while everyone watches.  Conversely, our victories can be met with the same fervor, but then we must contend with the upward spiral of hero worship, high expectations, and a continual pressure of duplicating the first victory until perfection is attained.  This is the nature of the outer world without buffers, in its starkly naked reality.   On either side of the outward spiral, there are difficulties and we must know how to transcend them.

The Universe’s Fingerprint

There is a miraculous moment of dawning in our lives that is available to us instantly and infinitely if we know where to find it.  It does not require us to be “properly educated,”  it seeks the minds or hearts of kings and queens the same as it seeks the mind and heart of the orphan.  It is the inward spiral.

A millipede going inward

The inward spiral is your transportation above the fray.  It is the nature of connection to all things beyond the constructs of life’s politics.  It is the highest teacher, the greatest friend, and is the wisest sage.  It is the universe within you, and the mind behind all that you see without you.   Creating a relationship with it may be difficult at first.  You will have to get past the gate keeper of your ego’s defenses.  You will have to look at your failures, take responsibility for your choices, and forgive yourself.  You will have to cease judging others and see all living things as an aspect of you.  You will have to clear away the thicket to see the rising sun and bask in its warmth.  When you do all those things, you will find a doorway to the opening of your heart.  You will see yourself as you truly are:  completely whole.

You are made by your experiences, both positive and negative, but you are not defined by them.  You are in the world but you don’t have to acquiesce to its frivolities or fight it’s battles with an eye for an eye.  You are in the presence of the moment, you are  a miracle.  When you turn the spiral of life from spiraling outward to inward, you suddenly make all of creation available to you and you will be available to all of it.

This is the mastery of life.

Everything outside of yourself is not enough to make you happy.  Nothing that spirals out of you will nourish you unless you are nourished by the rich garden of the conscious mind.

Turn inward.

plant spiral

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