Soul Bonded: A Thank you Note to My Husband

"Everything Good in The World" Photo by Anjana Dixon
“Everything Good in The World” Photo by Anjana Dixon

Deliciousness incarnate, you stepped with your grandness into my life when I needed you the most.  You bore the weight of a life that was meant to soften your heart.  It taught you lessons of a weathered, shipwrecked soul with its absence.  Yes, we both were shipwrecked, on the same island, hiding from one another in lives that didn’t fit the grandness of our spirit.

Thank you for searching for what makes you happy all the time.  If you had not been on the quest to be a master of life, enthralled by the beauty of the world’s untamable landscape, our paths would never have crossed.

We were bonded at the time the Universe divided into fractals of self-reflection.  We are primordial connection, we are earth and fire. They bring life when they are joined in the heat of sacred union.  We are love.  We create together.

Thank you for creating a life that is exciting, aware, and tenderly fragile in the darkness.  Perfection lies in our moments of full exposure, when we fear the magic of our bond will somehow be stolen from us.  We will even fight one another to preserve its perfection.

I absolutely adore you. You are everything to me.

I was closed, afraid of the scent of a fresh morning.  I reveled in the perpetual shame of being incompletely yolked with the monsters that were welcomed under my sheets.  Then in your heroic quintessence, your unconditional love transported me away from the warzone.

Thank you for making me the best, worst, most invested, excited, nervous, shy, sex crazed woman in her full-bodied, unapologetically voluptuous and ripened state of being.

The fruit is yours for the taking.

Thank you for being you.  The silly, sweet, brilliant, sexy, maddening, best father and husband a woman could ever want.



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  1. Wow, what an amazingly loving homage to a man who adores you with every fiber of his being.


    1. Anjana says:

      I love you honey.


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