The Passion of the Artist

josephbeuysAn artist never masters his own work.   Within the artist’s heart lies the desire for perfection, mastery.  However what they will come to know is the journey of the masterpiece.  There will always be a stroke missing or a smile that can be sharpened.  The fervor to create a masterpiece can lead to madness and obsession as the creator comes to know her own frailties through the act of her creativity bearing witness to her soul.

Artists cut themselves wide open and bleed onto the pages, melting into the canvas, and colorizing the song of the inmost self.

There are some days when you just have shelve analytics and tell logic to go to hell so that a way may be made for the procession of the creative muse.  In her profound elevation, she dances into your bleak night, working her majesty, and fine-tuning your passions through the natural current of your chaos.  She wants you to be devilishly fearless, she needs you to make love to her manifestation.  She wants you to hurt, scream, take a stand and sweat in the process of your one of a kind offering.

There is no separation from artist and muse.  Right now you are in observance of an experience that allows you to witness the illusion of separation.  Mastery is a myth.  We will never conquer the current because we are the current; we are all that flow.   In our human experience, we use the momentum of the whirl of time as our tools, our passion to live and explore our anchor.  The pain of knowing that life is ephemeral is the bittersweet mystery as we shine between two doorways of continuum. 

The passion of the artist is the scourging of the fear- based internal conformity that has held you captive from yourself.  Your breakthroughs are supplications of gratitude to the new found universe of your making.  You strive to see it to its completion, and yet it expands with every new idea.  Will it ever collapse on itself? That is up to you.

Life is not meant to be perfect, it is meant to be lived, enjoyed, risked, destroyed and re-created.   Communing with life as an artistic medium is the fearless tryst with your muse.  It is the full acceptance of your joys, sorrows, frustrations, losses, gains, desire and blessing to compliment and contradict themselves across your canvas of inner light.  Live the art you have, step outside of what you know and challenge every fear eye to eye.


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