Year of the Horse 2014: Your Chaos is Essential to The Universe

Supernova:  The explosive gateway to another dimension
Supernova: The explosive gateway to another dimension

Relax, there is no need to hide your off kilter vulnerabilities and volatile exploding suns anymore.  It is time for year of the horse!

Today, we have the exciting energy of a waxing half-moon in Aries which means we feel the palpable burning of our life force, our essential Prana, rise.  The collective mood is rebellious, energized, brash, and independent with little room for empathy. This is a great day to get that important shit D-O-N-E, done.  It is time to use those roller coaster spiking mood swings in creative outlets. Launch your projects, bleed on paper, expose yourself on canvas and tell someone that doesn’t know how you feel that you love them. Share your deepest, most honest truth.  As your ride your stallion of wild colors through the hot fires of chaos, you may be brandished “the crazy one” by others around you who are not yet ready to partake in your intensity.  Good! The alternative of being a corprobotic automaton or zombified re-animated warmed over human is far less palatable.  Remain focused and stand tall as your do your best riding bareback standing up on your victorious Unicorn with your toes nuzzled in the comfort of her white flowing mane as her horn pierces through your fears of the future.

When you attempt to find balance in your life, you believe that you are doing this correctly when you master hiding away your emotional space junk and other dark matter that is essential for you to carry to the next level. Stop perpetuating a lie. When we were the first manifestation of the big bang, we were asteroids, star dust, and exploding wonderment.  Not much has changed now except we have names for ourselves and categories for our actions.  I challenge you to return to the time before you had a name, before you could judge yourself or others. Be formless, embrace the void and create newness in your life.

Right now, in this perfect moment you are the youngest you will ever be. You are on the precipice of a grand universe of your creation.  Take this opportunity to adapt yourself to the moon’s magnetic majesty and allow her to bring out the independent, outspoken, authentic anti-authoritarian in you. Be flexible.  Listen to your inner direction first and foremost!  Your challenge will be to be less reactive to the blunders of others and your own along with tactful and patient delivery of your truth.

Year of the Horse:

Be prepared! Year of the horse begins January 31, 2014 with exacting energies inspiring you to become the person you have always wanted to be.  Energy is high and production is rewarded with instant manifestation (not microwave instant, but wormhole jumping instant).  Decisive actions are essential in this process, and remember PROCRASTINATION KILLS.

Adopt the following qualities of the horse, unicorn or Pegasus:

  • intuition
  • focus
  • keen intent
  • earnestness
  • carefree self-expression
  • regality
  • untamable creativity
  • determination
  • grace

Who Rides the Horse?

Why the avatar of temperance of course.  Temperance is a manifestation of chaos in and of itself. She is Shakti the divine feminine who, at the beginning of the big bang, was all that juicy feminine energy that came to stir the pot.  She is an artist, a healer, a teacher and a homemaker.  She rules the entrepreneurship of the universe.  She does not resort to the lowest common denominator to use her chaotic powers for means of vapid fascination like gossiping or creating drama.  The drama is in her selflessness and there is no lie that touches her fertile, delectable tongue.   She is change, for she alchemizes the universe with her breath of life.

It is time to invoke your tender feminine energy with an edge.  Be a warrior, woman or man, and ride your steed to a victorious new possibility through the middle path.  The middle path is the space for us to see all things beyond the confines of space-time, classification or categorization.

In this stage of being we have our fingertips at the exact moment of rebirth. We are life and death, we are sun and moon, we are all and nothing.  If we fall, we fall into a world of our own creation, ready to learn the lessons from the fall itself.  After all, isn’t that what we are doing right now in this moment? Isn’t that called being alive?

Hailing Frequencies:

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