4 Love Lessons from Thriving Celebrity Couples

{ Source: Pinterest }
{ Source: Pinterest }

This Valentine’s Day we honor four celebrity couples that have not only stood the test of time, but can teach us a thing or two about relationships.

Love Lesson #1:  The couple that down-dogs together evolves together.

Pictured from left, Trudie Styler, Sharath Jois, grandson and successor of Pattabhi Jois, Sting, Sonia Jones, owner of the Jois yoga studio, and her husband {Source: bclund.com }
Pictured from left, Trudie Styler, Sharath Jois,  Sting, Sonia Jones, and  husband
{Source: bclund.com }

Spirituality: Sting & Trudy,together 27 Years

We all have heard about the marathon love making between Sting and his wife during their tantric awakenings, but there is more than just otherworldly virility that meets the eye. Sting and Trudy are deeply committed to one another in the spiritual and physical practices of yoga.  They are a benefit to their community through humanitarianism, and host weeklong yoga retreats at their palatial home in Tuscany for close friends.   In a recent Yoga Journal article, Trudie had this to day about her spiritual practice with her beloved:

“Sting and I have been together for 27 years. You get to know a person over that amount of time. The mainstream press made much of “Tantra and Sting and Trudie”; it was a running joke. But, jokes aside, what’s important is making time for one another. Sustaining intimacy is an important ingredient in chemistry. People say to us that, after all these years, we seem like we are in love. It’s because being together for us still feels fresh. It’s about devoting time to one another—talking, sharing, valuing one another, and giving each other pleasure. But yoga helps with all relationships—working relationships, friendships, parenting—because it helps with listening, patience, tolerance, understanding. People yell when they’re really crying on the inside. By listening on a deeper level, you feel another person’s vibration.”

Love Lesson #2:  Keep your love life carefree, light, and private.

Calista & Harrison enjoying a little wine and cosplay. {Source: FameFlynet, inc.}
Calista & Harrison enjoying a little wine and cosplay. {Source: FameFlynet, inc.}










Privacy Protection:  Harrison and Calista, together 8 Years

We don’t hear much from Harrison and Calista, but we know they are happy.  Publically, it appears as if they have yet to come up for air in their wonderful May/December marriage.  They stay out of the limelight, preferring not to broadcast information over social media airwaves like the rest of us.  Not only do they keep their relationship scandal free, they keep it low key.  Harrison wore jeans on their wedding day. 

Love Lesson #3:  Family comes first.

{Courtesy: People.com }
{Courtesy: People.com }









Family Values: Gwen & Gavin, together 8 years 

The gorgeous, red-lipped frontwoman of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani met Gavin Rossdale when No Doubt was on tour with the band Goo Goo Dolls, opening for Rossdale’s band Bush.  Now, they have a strong, happy marriage with two children, Kingston and Zuma.  They are still on the scene, posing for the paparazzi but with their precious children in tow. You can find them trading in the velvet rope for outings to the park, a sip of champagne for a lick of ice cream.  When recently interviewed in Marie Claire, Gwen stated that her marriage was:

“A miracle … my biggest accomplishment is my marriage so far, because it’s hard, everyone knows it’s hard.  [Marriage] is something that I always wanted to do successfully. It was a dream of mine.”

Love Lesson #4 Creativity fuels passion.

Tomlin and wagner
{ Courtesy People.com }









Working Together: Lilly Tomlin & Jayne Wagner, together 42 years

Lilly Tomlin’s secret to her professional success is her wife, Jayne Wagner.

The couple met when Tomlin was looking for a collaborator for character development.  When they connected, they became inseparable.

Besides their relationship, the couple’s many celebrated collaborations, written by Wagner, include Tomlin’s Tony-winning one-woman show The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, which played on Broadway, toured and was filmed for the screen, as well as the movie The Incredible Shrinking Woman.

They were married New Year’s Eve 2014 in a quiet ceremony in Barbados.

Whether you want to rekindle an ember or take the plunge into a great romance, take these lessons as proof that love can stand the tests of time and celebrity.

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