3 Mystical Actions to Empower your Inner Wild Woman

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“A Woman’s issues of soul cannot be treated by carving her into a more acceptable form as defined by an unconscious culture, nor can she be bent into a more intellectually acceptable shape by those who claim to be the sole bearers of consciousness. No, that is what has already caused millions of women who began as strong and natural powers to become outsiders in their own cultures.”  ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

Women are the bearers of untamable divinity.  When we place the soles of our feet upon the holy ground of Mother Earth, we open to a special feminine language.  We pierce the mundane with every step we take, as the rest of the world’s rubber soles tread unaware.  The spiritual woman’s path is the pendulum sway of voluptuous hips in accord with the myriad rhythms of time.

We are Church:

The frightening beauty of unkempt feminine wildness is what every woman wants so desperately to emerge from her molten core. We need our deepest aspects understood, loved, heard, and honored through a reverence that extends beyond the frivolities of platitudes. We are done genuflecting at the altar. We are have completed the cycle of shame disguised as holy words.

Our list of demands are simple. For feral women to feel complete we must be able to dance naked around a fire under the watch of a ripened full moon. We must express the tender sweetness of sexual delight with joy and wonder. We must be emotionally unhinged in order to create.

Women wear the garments of the universe and provide a gateway to the unseen, unknowable world. The opening of the great eye requires nothing more than an open heart and the courage to unfold the continuum.

Life is church. Our bodies are heavenly hosts.

It can be smothering to be a woman of our modern age.  We have so much to prove, while we work to disprove our own fallacies, myths of our weakness.  We must be results oriented in order to convey we are worthy in a world with little feminine fluency.  We water down the mysterious power that cannot be contained, nor fully understood, thus diminishing our brilliance.  We wish to express ourselves in the fullness of our intuition, embark on life-changing spiritual journeys, partake in sacred circles and let the rain baptize our torn hearts.

Ultimately, we need to restore ourselves back to vibrancy every single day.

{ Source: Tumblr }
{ Source: Tumblr }

We require solitude from the distracting noise of a million unheard voices that call upon the divine mother.  The petitioners perhaps never realize that their mythic vision defies reality. The transcendent magic of the poorest woman enables her to hear every prayer uttered.  It is the letdown of her spiritual milk.

It is no wonder we have been silenced.  We have been blindfolded, led to believe we must not accept compliment or accolade.  We have been forced into the back of a world built on a foundation of insecurity, competition and supremacy.

Relationship structures have been recreated for women to submit themselves to their men, their most important aspects compromised so as to empower and simultaneously pacify their partners into unnatural comfort.  How else could the wrath of Kali be contained?  Who wouldn’t want to seek refuge in the arms of Mother Mary?

The world needs the unfettered woman now more than ever.  The maidens need to learn compassion and grace from their mothers. Mothers need to diligently learn the ways of truth from the crone. The crones must use their aged eyes to look into the mysterious future while foraging the bones of our ancestors to once again, bring ancient wisdom back to life.  

We must look to the divine feminine to help us from selling our souls for superficial ideas of enlightenment.  We must do the fearful work it takes to reach our sacred inner fountain.  We must be diligent, responsible and committed to our personal truth.

The world is a very frightening place when we cannot live our truth.  Living a lie gives us the burden of too much to remember.  So many costume changes must go off without a hitch, and too many people have to be pleased.  When we are liars we are bound at our delicate wrists to the outside world’s view of a depiction of us.  But we women have mastered the art of costuming in order to survive.  How can we break away?

:: Soul Retrieval:  For the seer, the shaman, and the priestess, soul retrieval is the act of recalling the lost parts of oneself across the reaches of space-time.  The process begins with the understanding that we are complex, multi-dimensional beings with the power to transform energy on sight.  We look to heal ourselves by reaching into the past and offering forgiveness to self and others, defeating the illusion of fear through positive action, and letting our love flow freely in those areas.  It is a journey into the vast desert of the forgotten self and adding flesh to neglected bones.  This is a practice that every spiritual woman must explore with a sense of full presence so that her truth may be used as a return path.

:: Embrace Sacred Solitude: Solitude is the art of spending time alone, by choice, and enjoying it. In sacred solitude, you have no gods to appease. You have no censorship.  It is the creative realm where you discover new truths, rediscover evolving truths, and heal from the demands of the world. It is a place to learn self love. Creating a personal space for retreat is essential for women.  We need a place to empty our hearts and bare our souls without fear of judgment or rejection.  Start with creating a space in your mind that you encrypt from negative thoughts, to-do lists, and responsibilities to everyone else. Then build your sanctuary in your home. Even if it is the smallest corner, it is your pristine part of the universe.

:: Create: Women are natural creators.  Whatever medium you choose, take time to create something.  Take a moment to close your eyes and tap into the Goddess within the containment of your body.  Feel the pressure of every word unexpressed, every desire you have wished.  We have mastered the task of quietness to be acceptable in a conformist society. Is what you don’t say your authentic nature?  What is your authentic voice? How does it sound? If you could say just three words what would they be? Reject the acceptable form.  Untie the corset, take off the control tops, unhook the bra, and spend time stark naked in your soft, creative energy.  You have the right and the power to do so.  The world needs the call of the mountain woman, the haunting sirens song, and the stroke of heartfelt truth that only you can give.

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  1. Shavawn M. Berry says:

    Love this, Anjana! Clarissa Pinkola Estes is one of my favorite writers…and feminine wildness a favorite topic.


  2. Thank you Shavawn! Yes, I am re-reading Women Who Run W/ Wolves right now. AMAZING. ❤


  3. susanscottsa says:

    lovely post Anjana thank you … and a timely reminder to break free from ‘norms’ –


    1. Thank you Susan!



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