Fear and the Art of Becoming




Tonight I went to an art opening at a local gallery happy to be gathered with my artists friends we huddled in a corner to dish the dirt and catch up on the latest happenings. The topic of our conversation bears repeating.

It was on fear and the art of becoming.

As artists, we are constantly bearing our souls, exploring the meaning of life, and dealing with a multitudes of feelings all while trying to convey a message. Good art makes you feel something. It connects at a much deeper soul level than just the peripheral. Good art tells you something about the artist, about the environment, and about yourself. It is universal, because it is based on feelings.

How does one become so bold as to share themselves so openly? Firstly, it takes a lot of bravery. You must be willing to seriously analyze yourself and your reactions to everything. You must develop a philosophy of how you choose to see things. Are you interested in the minute details or a broad overall picture? Can you clearly label and define how you feel? Can you condense it and roll it around in your mind until you can clearly see it?

Once you have identified your feelings, they must be clearly communicated to your viewer. You would think that this in itself would be enough, but it isnt. It requires more than completing the image. It requires you as the creator to step out and share it with the world. Will it be understood? Will it be liked? Will it sell? All these can be terrifying questions. We are individuals who consistently examine ourselves and are sensitive – rightfully so, we are baring our souls in hopes of finding inner resolve.

Tonight, as we discussed showing our work, sharing our fear of rejection, and yet choosing to move forward in spite of it, my friend said something brilliant as she often does. “I think that’s the point…To act in spite of the fear.”  Moving past the fear in order to share something real, honest, and personal is what gives it validity. It is the leap of faith, standing firm in your reaolve, being fixed on what you are feeling, and sharing in spite of the fear is  what makes beautiful. This is where the real value is located.

As you go about the process of “becoming”, take heart and remember the real value comes from action in spite of fear.

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