The Art of Observation


When I see the beauty in others and  my environment, I see the beauty within myself.

I am inspired by the power of a positive perspective. Actively searching for the good in all things strengthens my aligning power with the things I wish to attract into my life. By choosing to see things through a higher perspective as in studying the overall benefits to every system, I am providing myself with the opportunity to apply the best learned lessons no matter the situation.

A successful education is one balanced with observation and practical application. Viewing your environment by studying the patterns of nature  has the ability to directly inspire your thought process. We humans have the ability to view other animals and directly apply their previously tested sources of evolution. For example by watching documentaries on ants, one may directly source new methods of building and creating, supply and demand, logistical response, and effective communication. It is my desire to convert these natural sources of inspiration into practical solutions to our current and future problems.

It is my belief that if we focused our intentions, on observing the positive energy within the lives of others we will begin to nurture the same positive traits within ourselves, therefore creating a efficient environment in which one may operate at their best performance levels.

The greatest solutions come from a clear mind. One must feel harmony within one’s environment in order to fully relax the body allowing the mind to focus on possible solutions.  The basic psychological needs of  human beings are simply love, understanding, and safety.  Art has the power to heal through the power of perspective. Good art makes us feel something. Great art makes us understand those feelings. Focused art has the potential to cultivate feelings of confidence and ensure levels of successful direction. It is my intent as a individual and a global citizen to empower those around me to be able to operate at their highest potential by providing an environment that creates a sense of belonging. It is my belief that solutions are always available if we are willing to listen to the answers that nature provides.

It takes a village. In order for society to thrive, we must reconstruct the village, building a community focused on global compassion where we provide adventures from a happy home. After all,  paradise is an abundant table of farm fresh ingredients and stories from the heart.

How does one do more than simply write a check to show support? The answer is simple. Contribute with more than just words, but  action.  Focus your intentions on these 3 simple things:

1. Love

2. Understanding

3. Security

As you go about living your life, actively accept opportunities to observe these wonderful attributes in others.  The more you focus on these attributes the more you will notice the goodness in all things. The more you observe these behaviors the more you will incorporate them into your daily activities. Daily habits change lives. You have the power. You can start right now simply by focusing on the art of observation. It’s that simple.

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