#FridayFive: Fashion Goddess Brigid KO


Brigid KO’s star is fast on the rise.

Her commanding presence and ethereal beauty is the jaw dropping fuel that is the essence of her work.  She has discovered art in environmentalism, repurposing rubber inner tubes from tire graveyards into haute couture.  Her art has caught the eye of the A-lister crowd – she has recently dressed one of Lady Gaga’s dancers in her epic creations.

It has been an exciting pleasure to see Brigid’s  Goddess Magick in action over the years, from the time she started with accessories and small collections combining soft femininity and the gritty world of industrial ingenuity.


#FF: Who/What is your muse right now?

BKO: Inspiration comes in phases and at the moment, I have been looking at sculptural artwork and metalwork throughout the ages. I’ve been doing research on and experimenting with metals: soldering, welding, making cold connections, etc. And I am about to do some research on forging and firing. I’m excited about incorporating metalwork to my pieces. I am always studying new techniques and I find endless inspiration in the trial and error that comes from that self education.


#FF: What does your creative process look like? 

BKO: I go through phases of learning and then refining. I’ve been so excited about teaching myself new techniques lately that it has changed my creative process a bit. Currently, the process involves a lot of research and experimentation. I’m so engaged with learning right now that I am not worried about the final product becoming something a little different than what I had first intended. 
I often start by choosing a group of images- textures and shapes – and focus on the one attribute that I would like to focus on. One piece may be more about silhouette and another about texture….Often, the process of making one piece results in many new ideas of things to create.

#FF: When did you realize fashion was your calling?

BKO: I embraced fashion after I had my first runway fashion show in Nashville, TN. Until then, I had been making pieces as special orders and was either never seeing the customer, or just meeting people in my studio. I had not pictured my work off of a dress form and out in the world. Until the show, still thought of my work more as sculpture.
Once I had the show, saw all of my work all at once, on these amazing, beautiful women, I embraced fashion. I realized how powerful it can be – how people can be both physically and psychologically transformed and empowered. I know fashion will always be part of my fashion-art work.

#FF: Where do you go to revive your spirit?

BKO: I need to get out into nature to revive my spirit. I appreciate beautiful outdoor spaces being easily accessible here. And, I enjoy finding new places to explore for hiking and swimming.


#FF: How do you see yourself evolving as an artist?

BKO: I am always learning and refining. I know that will never change and so my evolution will be endless.

Are you an emerging creative goddess? submit your story to #FridayFive


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