Learning to Love and Walk Away


Sometimes you rub me raw.

Like sand paper,
You tantalize me
With the promise of a smooth future
I am scratched by reality.

You are not part of the dream.
I feel the sands of your abrasiveness.
And I know
You are just
an in between.

The phrase I use  to explain reasons why we stay in obvious futile relationships  says it all: “You’re not done, until your done, but when you are done, you will be SO DONE”.

Love does not quit easily. Love often binds us to unhealthy situations. It is the reminder of happier days that keeps us involved. It is to this memory we pay tribute. To complicate things further, the depth of our love is not always indicative of the amount of time spent cultivating it. The only person who knows how long the relationship should last are the parties directly involved.

Often we stay in relationships until the memories of the past become so painful that we must walk away for the love of our own survival. It is when you have reached this critical mass, that you slowly scrape yourself together, battered and bruised and walk away.

Till death do you part?:

Loss is loss. Rebirth is the moment when you know you simply cannot keep living in this perpetual mourning of the loss of your brighter days. It is time to clear the past away and reclaim your choice to change your experience. This is when your love for yourself takes precedence over love of the other person. This is when you stand and reclaim your birthright: happiness.

The key to success in any type of  relationship is to stay put at the first sight of trouble, but to choose to walk away when there is permanent damage. Honor the memory of your relationship by never allowing the love that existed to become a weapon. If your interaction has become more painful than pleasurable it is time to dust yourself off and start fresh.

This does not mean your relationship was unsuccessful. It means you successfully chose to honor the relationship with yourself. This is critical. A healthy relationship is based on healthy participants.  It is imperative you take the necessary steps to correct the imbalance.

These powerful journeys in love, and life, will provide an experiential history that will follow you thought your life. Even when no longer physically connected, we have spiritual and emotional connections to all those we have loved. They have shaped and molded us to become who we are today. It is up to you to choose what what you create.

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  1. Your words touched me deeply- thank you for sharing ❤


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