E-Course: Build a Stable Social Platform with Anjana Love Dixon


Every goddess needs her pedestal. These days, her pedestal is a digital platform for an entrepreneurial empire. The Anjana Network is excited to present the following in-depth two part e-course.

September 22- Co Creation + Brand Illumination
Creating a brand is a relational art. It is the fundamental step in developing a long lasting relationship with fully vested customers. With a reciprocal relationship with your customer base via content marketing, your brand can take on a life of its own.

*Empower your vision.
*Discover the heart of your brand.
*Begin the process of effective content development.
* Learn a simple brand illumination formula.
* Discover new ways to find your target audience.

October 20 – Blueprints for a Stable Social Platform
With an emphasis on content marketing through blogging and social media, Anjana Love Dixon will teach proven social techniques:

*Attain organic social media reach.
* Learn keyword lacing and still be inspiring.
* Flesh out new ideas and better your writing.
* Learn blog marketing + promotion.

About The Anjana Network:

At the Anjana Network, everything we do we believe empowers the creative force within women. The way we satisfy our mission is to publish and share divergent content on our platform and empower the creation of conscious entrepreneurial legacies. With over 70 thousand unique readers in more than 200 countries with a desire to deepen their lives and build conscious, creative businesses, The Anjana Network is the home of #GoddessWisdom. The Anjana Network began as Anjana Love Dixon’s dream vision of having a creative community for women to fearlessly express and explore themselves into being. We now offer content consulting, creative development, and promotional support for individuals and businesses. Creativity is the medicine, community is the calling, and collaboration is the key.


Early Bird Registration: FOLLOW THE ANJANA NETWORK + SAVE!!

$175 – Non-subscribers

$100- Subscribers 

The Anjana Network Contributors: FREE

Registration after 9/16/14:
$225 – Non-subscribers
$175- Subscribers

7 Comments Add yours

  1. I will be at the EWOMEN event tomorrow and would love to participate.


    1. Awesome!! Can’t wait to see you there!


  2. Teresa Surya Ma McKee says:

    I will be at the eWomen Network event tomorrow and want to participate in the e-course 🙂


    1. Sweet! I can’t wait to see you there Theresa!


  3. I was at the eWomen Network meeting on 8/21 and I’m interested in participating.


    1. Fantastic Rebecca! I can’t wait to show you the works!


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