Knoxville Retail Institution Celebrates 20th Year with Expansion


 Green Earth Emporium began in 1994 as Eric Dixon’s dream

of giving Knoxville residents the option to purchase items dedicated to conscious living: cruelty free, organic, and environmentally sound. Twenty years later, Dixon has established an institution of generational customers who have come not only for environmentally friendly products, but to also learn about world cultures and religions.

“I have customers that came into the store as children, and now they bring their children into the store. It is very moving to know that I have had such an impact on a community that I value so highly.” Dixon says.



Green Earth Emporium now has visitors, teachers, and spiritual seekers coming from all over the United States for the launch of their intellectual event space and Conscious Library. “Our library will consist of impacting books from members of our community. Customers can bring in gently used books and receive cash or trade that is good toward any item in the store. The best aspect of the library is that it is an imprint of every customer who has benefitted from the wisdom of Green Earth Emporium. Our goal is to continue to cultivate this wisdom.”

The Intellectual event space will hold teachers, workshops, independent film screenings and book launches. Services from therapeutic practitioners, life coaches, and consultants will be available to customers in the welcoming office space.

“I want 2015 to be an act of gratitude toward Green Earthlings, and I plan to provide them with all of the wonderful gifts they have given me over the years,” Dixon states.

For more information on Green Earth Emporium visit


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