Invoke The Goddess: 5 Elements of Self Care


“Self-love and self-care are a ‘delicious cycle’. The more self-love we discover, the better we want to take care of ourselves; and the more we care for ourselves, the more self-love we will uncover in the process.”

-Asante George  

What does it truly mean to beautiful?

I am almost certain that every person reading this will answer the question differently. We all have our own perceptions of beauty and we all want to live up to the standards of those perceptions. The only problem with this is that our perceptions are typically unreal and therefore, unattainable. We put so much emphasis on being an unattainable ideal, we forget what the essence of real beauty is.

What if I told you that you were a goddess with incredible beauty and insurmountable power?

For many years, beauty was something I felt as if I lacked. To me, it was a foreign concept that I could only grasp if I were a little more ‘this’ or a little less ‘that’. I suffered with feelings of low self-worth. After reaching a point where my own true nature was completely unrecognizable to me, I embarked on a journey to discover the authentic me that was buried deep within.

What I discovered on this journey is that at some point in our lives, we all encounter times when we feel less than Divine.  I learned that self-love is the most critical factor in making any major life shift. If you’re overweight, you have to love yourself enough to release the weight. If you’re stressed from being stuck in overdrive, you have to love yourself enough to take the time you need to rest. With the stress of day to day life, we give so much and very rarely remember to feed our goddess nature. True beauty only flourishes in self love and self care.

As a makeup artist, people expect me to make them look more beautiful. But the real mission of what I do is to make them feel more beautiful. Here are  5 tips using self love – the #1 beauty secret of all time:

  1. Brush Your Skin. The age old ritual of skin brushing has been around for centuries. The simple practice of brushing your dry skin daily before showering will not only soften skin, reduce cellulite, and remove dead skin cells. It will also help cleanse your lymphatic system, improve circulation, strengthen your immune system, and promote healthy cell renewal. Starting from the bottoms of your feet, brush your entire body (excluding sensitive areas such as the face) in gentle strokes towards the heart. Doing this daily will reveal rejuvenated and glowing skin!
  1. Drink Enough Water. I can’t express in words how important this is. Most of us suffer from some level of dehydration without even knowing it! If you delight yourself with at least 1.5 quarts (48oz) of water every day, there isn’t a single part of you that won’t appreciate the extra hydration. You’ll feel more energized, your mind will become clearer and your skin will find balance.
  1. Move Your Body. I know that most of us don’t really like the thought of ‘exercise’. And if you’re anything like me, the thought of spending an hour in the gym doesn’t entice feelings of excitement. I’d much rather enjoy movement in the form of dancing, hooping, making love, walking in nature, or other creative acts that integrate and stimulate my entire being. By keeping your energy flowing, you will improve your body and your mood.
  1. Soak your Troubles Away. There is nothing more relaxing than a nice, long soak in the tub. But what I’m suggesting is taking that soak to the next level! Try infusing your bath water with a few tablespoons of spirulina and almond oil. Your skin will drink in the nutrients from this royal bath and be eternally grateful to you for the experience!
  1. Eat for Beauty. Thich Nhat Hanh, says: “Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole Cosmos.” A goddess becomes wise to this and cultivates her beauty from the inside out. She understands that what she puts in the inside of her body is just as important as what she puts on the outside. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT! The earth offers us bountiful beauty through the sweet fruit, luscious greenery, sensual flowers, and other enticing edibles that naturally grow from her bosom. If we partake in her offerings, we will be nourished from the inside out and inherit a beauty that radiates from the deepest parts of our beings. A diet that is rich in nutrients leads to a life that is rich in pleasure. Therefore, eating for beauty and eating for health are one in the same. Enjoying raw fruits and veggies at least 50% of the time can drastically change your life. Your inner beauty will begin to unfold as you are able to see life and all it’s wonders more vividly through physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

When we bathe ourselves in self -love we embody the goddess.