Quickies: Identifying Your Sacred Space


You. That’s your sacred space.

That inner life, that still small voice, that shining bit of carbon and stars

…that’s your eternal and omniscient sacred space. That energy is yours. It can never be taken from you.

It just is.

The sacred in you can be found walking, dancing, writing, or digging in the dirt.You can plant things, nurture things, discover things — and all of the sudden — you drop into a different way of being in the world (but not of the world).

You may meditate, chant, pray or write letters to God (or Goddess or Higher Power or Nature devas). You may sit in silence. You may ruminate and wonder.

Any way you dial spirit, you have a direct line.

You might find that one wishing rock or that one cathedral of trees or that particular stained glass window that speaks your language.You may stumble into that sanctuary that leaves you feeling cloistered and cared for.

You don’t need to go anywhere, though.

You carry sacred space within. It is part of the warp and weave that contains your very cells and tissue and bones. It is your energy, your light.

You can set up an altar at home or you can visit a church, synagogue, sanctuary or chapel.

However, the main ingredient will always be you.

No matter the dusky darkness where you find yourself lost or the seeming cracks in everything (that lets the light in), you carry the sacred within you, like a gem sown into the hem of your robe.

You know where to look.


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