Healing Hungry Wounds with Creative Expression



Creative aliveness is no easy task since our natural human tendencies lean toward letting ourselves and others get in the way of simplicity and stillness. We place barriers between our needs and our desires, prepared with hands extended to spank our own asses for having a little taste of what we want. In creative living, we have been taught to believe that we are frivolous if we decide to follow a dream, that it is not safe to take risks. The actions of those living one dimensionally solidify the falsehood: those that experience life openly, vibrantly are often toxified by malnourished people whose deep seeded, unexpressed resentments bitter every morsel of food, life, love and relationship, making the beauty of creative living even less palatable and a creative environment uninhabitable.


Our greatest desires act as nourishment for the journey to a new reality. When we finally touch down upon the hallowed surface of a life we couldn’t have possibly imagined for ourselves, we become healthier, happier, and stronger. We combust instantly from the scintillation of it all, burning away the dead flesh of who we thought we were. We begin the process of replenishing our life force through the removal of toxins that we have carried over from our previous incarnations nested within our current life path. We drain the hurts of our soul and begin to regenerate new skin. We are no longer hungry. Instead we overflow with nourishment of the highest order.

This power is available to us at all times, but it only activates through deep self-belief.


The smoke and mirrors of insecurity can ravage you or you can use it as a link to your higher self. Through listening to your fears of not being enough or replaceable, your truth, your greatness, and the wholeness of your multi-dimensional existence will reveal itself to you or cause ripples in your self-reflection, shape shifting it into a funhouse mirror, making you believe that you are being controlled by circumstances that are mere illusions. Sometimes our illusory thinking chases our human selves and others around ruthless, vicious cycles. We are in a continuum of training to release ourselves from the tireless wheel, if we are ready to feel stillness.

The difference between the two realities is a matter of choice: intimacy or codependency with life, purpose, and those around you meant to bring your dreams to fruition or kill you for trying.

So why is it that we lock our deepest secret dreams and desires away because we fear that if we touch them, they will fail us? How do we overcome the fear of losing it all?


Let go. Fall into the flow. Release control. Everything about us changes when we dive into the endlessness of our passions. The moment of decision is the moment we begin to actually feel. Feeling is the first sign of creative aliveness, acceptance of that feeling, the second sign. We can only experience the fullness of self-acceptance through surrender to our feelings and needs. We don’t need to martyr ourselves over the negative or judge our sacred truth. We just need to experience it and make no compromises for any of it.

This is the magic of the mystery of life. The more we accept and love ourselves, the more we creative we become, the more we love others.

As we discover this truth, we realize our inherent importance and the power we all possess to breathe life into those around us who are shackled by unrealized dreams, victim mentality, insecurity, and other symptoms of a terminally uncreative life. We no longer have to punish ourselves through hiding this inherent knowledge from ourselves for fear that we couldn’t handle its meteoric impact– that reality is too far behind us for us to glimpse via our rear view mirrors.

We are being conditioned for endless championship that is available to the open heart. It is up to us to strengthen our minds through discovering missing puzzle pieces of our hearts desires. we grow resolve in the places we expect from which never to recover and yet, we awaken with a little more strength each day or not.

Everything is a choice.

The creative life dictates that your sacred gifts and talents (no one else has what you have) must be the central focus, the nucleus of the cell, the sun of your universe.  There is no other way you can genuinely be happy living someone else’s half-life or feigning interest in building relationships with toxic people for whom you dim your light. Your gifts were made to be silent teachers of example to those who are still stuck in the grey area, and are meant to be appreciated by those who have the insight to recognize your worth after you have established a healthy sense of worth within.

This Illumination cannot be unseen.

Your innumerable gifts open to a higher purpose every time you discover a new wrinkle in the folds of your soul.



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