The Divine Exchange

night lights

I had the most incredible dream last night. I was walking through a busy city that also had rolling green hills on either sides of its urban landscape. It was a the perfect balance between the pastoral and the metropolitan, the superficial and the transcendent.

Beside me appeared a young girl. Neither of us had ever met in the real world or the dream world. But even though her face was unrecognizable, I knew who she was. As we were walking along the rolling hills, with the grass tickling our feet, we watched the sun peek between skyscrapers, with light beams smiling through the cracks between buildings as if they were cousins to the persistent flowers growing between the cracks of the concrete.

“Sun shine.” I said, as the sun shined brighter. The girl beside me asked me what I was doing. I told her, “I am making my world.”

“You’re making your world?” she repeated with a confused look on her face. Her black bangs tickled her eyelashes as her eyebrows raised. She certainly was dubious.


We continued to walk through the greenery, as if in a processional. The traffic on the busy city street suddenly became heavy as we arrived toward an intersection. I vaguely remember the impossible landscape at this junction: water on either side of the four way stop.

“Look.” I said as I pointed over to the intersection. I began to open my mouth in song. The trees bowed to the gusts of wind coming from my heart center. The girl kept her eyes fixed on the intersection where traffic was stopped at a red light.

“Go now!” I called toward the stopped cars at the red light. The traffic light turned green and the traffic was no longer backed up. It flowed freely and quickly until the cars became streaks of light.

“Stop now!” All activity stopped in an instant.

The street disappeared into itself and we were left in the middle of a rolling hill.  I looked down at a dandelion between my toes. “Thank you,” I said as I bowed to the blessing of nature.

“You can do that?” The girl asked tearfully. I looked at her and said, “Of course. So can you.” And as I touched her shoulder reassuringly, I flashed to another dream.

Your reality

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I felt a serious energy disturbance in my house again, as if I was being watched. (Eric had felt it also, a week or so previously. In his dream he saw red eyes staring at a distance and cooled the angry energy while in his true form.)

I had forgotten all about the dream and the power I possessed in the dream. I only felt the need to withdraw, protect myself.  I felt like the little girl in my dream, and not the all powerful goddess that can harness the power of the universe in the palm of her hand.

I went upstairs and entered the sanctuary. I needed resolve. I approached the altar. I heard myriad whispers from the higher guidance that is a strong presence in this house that Eric calls “Friend.”

“There is a negative presence in this house, and it needs to be removed.” I queried. I instantly began to move with rapid pace as if I knew exactly what to do.

I lit a sage wand and began making a processional through the house wearing my husband’s slip on sandals he left in the middle of the foyer last night. I remember deciding not to say anything about his shoes, but to let them just be there. His energy is so beautiful and grounding. He is usually with me to hold space for spiritual journeys such as this, and today was no different, even though he is not physically present. Wearing his shoes rooted me. I longed for his kiss.

We took our ritual into the secret garden.  As I saw the smoke waft through the air, I lifted my arms in gratitude. In divine exchange, rain drops gently fell as the sacred smoke unfurled to the heavens.

I suddenly recalled my dream and felt a tremendous shift. I realized that I stood at the epicenter of The Divine Exchange just last night. I told my younger, unrecognizable self what to do in an act of quantum healing and future planning.

As I sit here in my sacred space within sacred spaces throughout our multiverse, I watch the clouds billow by like white sage smoke. I feel connected to the magic of the mountains and I feel at peace with the energy in my home within homes: body, mind, spirit, and house. All are the same. This is a place of inspiration and divine guidance, complete with astute protection; I have had the pleasure of a wasp’s company for three days now. Yesterday, he stung a visitor I had not seen in quite some time on the hand.

Had I not awakened from the hard landing of dream travel, feeling the film of humanity, not enough sleep, and slightly clogged sinus passages, I would not have made the passage to clear my home, my heart, or my mind this morning. My vulnerability is a powerful guide and good student. She challenges me to learn to teach, and blesses me with teaching ability so that I may learn.

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