The Essentials of Self Love: #BodyPositive Video with Music by Peaches

I had an amazing dance teacher back in the 90s named “Mr. Shawn.” While other dancers said I was “too thick to kick” Mr. Shawn always told me I had the potential of being a great dancer. I never knew what he meant until now.

Dance is an expression of the badassery within. I am poetry in jiggly, cellulite bedazzled, hoola hooping motion. I love every line on my face and every curve of my figure.

It is a fundamental right of women to love self and others as is. Let’s celebrate inner and outer beauty by giving and accepting complements. Let’s temper our envy with joy for another woman’s successes. And most importantly let’s accept our minds, hearts, and bodies as perfectly imperfect, a rare jewel reserved for those who know how to worship the curves.

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