Epoch 35:1-23

Restoration of the Remnant

35And it came to pass

after the setting of the waning gibbous moon in the morning of the new millennium, the doorways of time were opened.
2And I entered into the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus after it had been laid in ruins for more than one thousand years. 3Maidens danced on the riven rooftops and worms guarded windowless passageways. I bruised my heel on the sharpened horns of a small slug in the tomb of future kings laid to rest in their decadence. I scraped my foot on broken wood to be cleansed and I was restored. 4By the crumbled plaster that will be left by tomorrow’s plunder, I followed a trail of wreckage and discovered a great light.

5The great eye that lived in the space between doorways was but a pinhole of light. 6I escaped to other times through doorways of the great eye. I sat in the century of my birth and looked upon a holy father, a community man who recently died, whose corpse is in the tomb of his wife’s heart.

7“Father can you please give me a morsel to eat?”

The father did not speak, but instead he cleaned a crystal goblet.

I bowed my head, resting it on a plastic menu and saw a shimmering fleck of gold beneath the surface. I lifted the menu and pulled out a golden nose ring.

8“Father may I wear this?”

And the father spoke: “Yes, for it is yours.”

9I adorned my face and it shone brightly as the sun. I looked into the eyes of the father and he was not surprised. The distant, broken mother delighted in my beauty from afar. 10Then a great shapeshifter entered. I approached him closely and saw that his face was a caricature of humanity, for he had no nose, and his pigment was flecked with ignorance. 11His eyes were unpronounced.

12The holy father saw I needed relief and he pointed to the doorway behind me; I was filled with great understanding. In the finite space between the threshold of the swing of the diner door, did I cross the river Nile, the passageway of the Ether, and the graves of those that died in the great deluge of 2658. I found myself back in the great Temple.

Queen Clytemnestra and her daughter Iphigenia

13measuring five square by five, little gilded squares of time and space were windows and yet mirrors. 14Walking three steps gave me a great thirst, for each step was as a thousand years. I drank from a golden fountain and looked up. I saw a queen and her maiden lying on a  bed. 15Their eyes were dark seas, larger than any mortal face could contain. Their mouths were small, as if to prevent them from revealing the mysteries of life. The maiden’s flaxen hair was thinly covering her flowing white garments. Each lie so still, I thought them works of art, until the queen’s gaze entranced my own.

16I quickly made haste down a path of lush tapestries on the floor as I discovered the queen gazing from one of the myriad square mirrors in the ceiling. 17Reaching the end of the path a crystal doorway appeared. Behind the door mine eyes saw twelve Amazon maidens on a crimson floor being pleasured by bears. 18Four matrons lounged above them observing their ritual. Sorely afraid, I turned away looking for an escape. The eyes of the queen and her maiden were once again upon me. 19The queen spoke with no voice for I had to interpret the movement of her thin, shiny mouth.

20“You may enter into the room if you wish,” she said.

21I raised my pointed finger to the sky. “I must first seek relief, and then I will see you again.”

The exit of my words from my mouth revealed and opened another doorway.

The Glory of Artemis

22Artemis, with flaxen hair flowing down her blackened robes stood nigh at seven feet in greatness behind the door. Prepared for battle, she laced her boots to her knee and gave no cover to her battle scars that were as tiny arrow holes on her face. Her eyes were steeled against the darkness behind her, and I, nearly six feet in greatness came face to face with her iron-clad bosom. 23 And the goddess looked onward saying nothing and transported me back to my mortal body.



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