It is so ordered that I live the life I love.

It is so ordered that I be whole and inspired.

It is so ordered that I embody the light.

How do I live among those who kill, steal, lie, and cheat for money?

How do I live without desire?

How do I live without the things that she has or the house that he built?

I must also kill.

I must quiet the voice that tells me that I will never be anything.

I must kill the desire of wanting what she has.

Pull the plug on vapid fame.

Table the project. Ankle the starlet.

Time of death: yesternow tomorrowday.

No more:

I want what she wants,

I’ll have what she’s having.

I’ll spit out the bitter herb that I thought would be sweet.

Unsound realities scatter on the cutting room floor.

Slit Laxmi’s wrist,

She bleeds coins.

It’s either her or me.

Is that all there is to reap?

What about her stunning manifestation?

Plum nipples

Medjool Miracle Mouth

Saffron Salty Sweet

Cardamom Comingling

No one has ever even seen her footprints.

The coins pressed on our eyes rolled upwards to Heaven’s gate obscure our visions.

God’s eye is transfixed on her lotus.

Let us forget our Daily Bread,

Too bloody to ingest.

God’s eye transfixed on the yoni,

He turns away from the din of pleas to enter Rich Man’s Heaven.

He is a proselyte of the Goddess.

He has traveled far east to copulate under the tree of knowledge.

Undress your suit and tie.

Unbind your capitalist mind.

Plunder not my great grandmother’s caves for her sacred oils,

Do not disturb the oracle’s ether.

There is no dowry for you here or anywhere else.

Your sole reward is seeing me naked, sultry, and refined.

Lay with me here, and drink from my cup.

Bury your face in my moss and travel forward to a time before time.

Point your compass due north inside my walls.

Release your seed to my bowl of creative power.

I have conceived a reflection of your glory.

My offspring will be raised with omnipresence of their own.

The God of kings is an enfeebled grandfather of a lesser wisdom.

Throw your money in the streets!

The time has come

The golden age is upon us



Wrathfully willful

unrelentingly joyous

Surreptitious no more,

Goddess becomes the world of all worlds.








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  1. elaine says:

    intense writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anjana says:

      Thank you, Elaine ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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