Bendita Tu Eres [Film]

Nota: Esta obra de arte se dedica al venerable Frida Kahlo por su intercesión directa en la trayectoria creativa de Anjana.

Note: This art piece is dedicated to the venerable Frida Kahlo for her direct intercession into Anjana’s creative path.

Acknowledgements In Deep Gratitude To: Chryseis Dawn Photography. Chryseis has taken amazing stills of Bendita Tu Eres and she captured the incredible film footage to make this work possible.


There are so many layers of meaning to Bendita Tu Eres. My hope is that you come to be more comfortable with questions you are brave enough to ask yourself than answers you think you know.

Bendita Tu Eres means “Thou Art Blessed” in Spanish. It is very easy for we women to forget our fearsome, terrible power. Such a power has been erased in sacred books and stolen by scribes that insist on rewriting history. Nevertheless, here we stand, ready to take on and solve the worlds problems – this is a role that we were not meant to play. We were meant to emanate the beauty of life in the curve of our hips and the churn of our temperament. We were meant to be honored for carrying worlds within worlds within the sacred bowl of creativity. We were meant to crown ourselves before we crowned our kings. The vagina is the passageway to royalty. Birth is the ultimate coronation.

Many of us have forgotten our responsibility to ourselves.

As such, we have become an angry, lost tribe, lost in time, still hunting for our true nature. We have replaced goddess worship with false modesty.  Look around at the ruins. Look at the putrid hypocrisy. Boom.

Bendita Tu Eres is a warning for the empath. A charge to the apathetic. An homage to the Latina Goddess. A disobedient tongue curled at the Catholic institution. A rolled eye at the martyr. A turned back to the zealot.




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