Grace & Dignity

Grace and dignity are virtues not found on the surface life.

You have to fall into the pit,

be smothered by the soil of life.

Reach your hands into the moist, dark, and pungent hole of the unknown.

Grace and dignity will be there waiting for you,

Pristine and humming with their own energy.


Being felled by life is the remedy of ages.

It is the roadmap to find the twin beauties,

Patiently waiting for you to give them a home in your heart.

When you build your home with them,

you will not be rocked by torrents from a discouraging mouth.

Malignancy will be transparent.


Cast off the doubts implanted in you by others.

Make your own mountains a quest the worthy must conquer, to merit feasting at your table.


Tell the rain to make itself.

Become the sun,

And the moon will rise the tides in devotion to your majesty.


Fall face first into feces.

Accidently drink the poison.

Bury yourself alive,

But keep your eyes wide open.

Let others see your predilections.

Make no apologies.

Raise a bubbling goblet to your own demise.


Watch how the weak say:


“Internalize your pain. You should not be so honest in this world. What would people say? Keep your mouth closed and your feelings to yourself.”


But the weak sit in the mire,

Clutching the bottle,

Getting drunk on broken fantasies that will never come to pass,

Eating their own hearts and growing corpulent with envy.

They chain smoke and sing blues no one cares to acknowledge.


Don’t trust what they say

For they ride the skeleton of a glorious steed and think it is ready to stud.

They fear the valiance in your eyes and the unwavering melody of your incubus.

They have assimilated with the maggot,

Their master is bacterium.

The spore is too big for them to fathom.

That is not who you are.

Stop pretending you belong with them.



Stray from the pack.

Leave your hang-ups at the gallows.

Part ways with your own skin,

But do not cry.

An orphan is the mother of the world.

The godless are tenacious and disobedient.


Let your feet sink into quick sand.

Make love with your greatest fear.

Look —

Upward roots lengthen by the ancient light of your ancestors


Everyone is a star.

Guided by starlight,

Crafted by volatile elements,

Daughter of Polaris,

Son of Orion.


We cannot see ourselves

Until we go digging.


This is happiness,

It is not free of cost,

But we all know,

Freedom ain’t free!


The cost is grace and dignity.


failure meme


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  1. [ Smiles ] Deep and meaningful poetry!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anjana says:

      Thank you Renard!

      Liked by 1 person

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