Final Plea Before the Massacre of Ages

Holiness of humanity let your countenance be seen!

Show the rest of the world what I see.

I refuse to give up on humanity

The goodness that it is

The goodness that it can be

Please, I implore you,

Let innocence be thy lamp.


The frail cries from bathroom stalls

Frantic calls to mothers and fathers

The light extinguished is born again.


Oh holy knight,

Oh holy maiden,

Oh holy mother,

Oh holy father,


Right now the world is being buried in the spoils of political savagery.

We have been trained to pass the buck on our sacred birthright,

We have been conditioned to point the finger at the perceived ‘other’

No one is immune from the drug of misinformation, prejudice and greed!

The uncertainty of peace has primed us for war.

Who is spoon feeding us our worst fears?


How many likes can we get on this fallen hero’s picture?

He killed for our “freedoms.”

How many replays of the last known recording will satisfy our public?

Our subconscious is agitated with our own desire to be supreme.


Sacred light within the temple of flesh,

Our hearts have yet to mend from the violence of old.

Holocaust revenues trickle into the accounts of the few,

We have bent backs from the toil,

Our reward is being gunned down in lieu of our pensions (paid for by gun manufacturers).

Fidelity my fucking ass.


7.4 Billion unsure hearts simultaneously palpitate from an untouchable threat.

No god has appeared yet.

Raise the mirror and let us see who we truly are.

Let us be victorious in opening to the greatest war,

The war within


All the raging around us is being churned within our molten core.

We are all casualties.

We all gnash our teeth and cry out for compassion and validation.

We all need to be heard, accepted, and treated fairly.

Mother needs to nurse her baby without being called a whore.

Father needs his husband to raise a well-rounded daughter.

Trans boy needs to know xe has medical care

Teenager needs more art programs, not fucking terrorist drills.

Teachers need to be millionaires in the era of the sex tape kitten.


Lately, I have been beside myself wondering what happened to my life,

But then I look around at the underbelly of humanity

the answer is clear.

I am part of the problem.

I am a complacent human afraid of her own power.

I wear a mask just like everyone else

I lie and say I am happy with the way things are.


We have become a directionless people,

We sabotage the gifts given to us be it a smile or a life giving tree.

Formulaic extinction,

Over and over and over and over and over.

Is this reincarnation?

Oh elevated zen master, what koan will make this fucking end?!


Our rights must be protected,

Not short sold to a major gun manufacturer


An outdated political party.






Power is a hungry ghost that whispers lies in the ears of the weak

Abuse of power obscures vision,

It makes people forget what a dead child’s body, drained of its blood, looks like.

The allure of power keeps people from smelling the stench of internment camps.

Money and power can elevate idiocy and rename it reason.

Listen to me, you ravenous vultures

You can’t mother fucking take fucking power fucking with you.

Repeat after me:

“I can’t take it with me after I die. My life is no greater than anyone else’s. One man’s empire is another man’s hell.”


There is no new power under the sun

Only new hands that will transform corruption into change.

Let us look fearlessly into the eyes of the corrupt!

Let our words catalyze the next evolutionary leap.

Let our hands be used for peace and beauty


Man: Take your hands off the trigger and loosen your grip on the woman’s throat

Woman: Let not your hands be bound by invisible oaths. Take up your purpose and make.

Child: Hold the hands of your best friends and sweethearts. Do not be afraid. Teach us the way

Politician: Stop pointing fingers and jerking off. Make choices we ALL can benefit from (remember when you were a kid you said you wanted to make the world a better place? Well fucking get to WORK!)

Clergy: Keep your hands (and judgments) to yourself.

Terrorist: Whoever made you what you are today didn’t make you stronger than love. Press your palms firmly together. Pray for another way.


We are all connected, we all have blood on our hands.

We must cleanse with compassion.

Every epithet,

Every hateful glance,

Every sterile act of institutional discrimination,

Carries us over the threshold to another mass shooting.


Step away from the brink and take a look at yourself.

What are you fighting against?

What is the purpose of your hunger for retribution?

How many pounds of flesh are enough?

Put your baby in front of your gun and taste your own venom.


Light of the world, thy name is humanity.

Let us be our own ascended liberator

Let us find peace with the answers we discover within.

Let the anguish dissolve,

Let the stain be absolved,

Burn the lobbyist’s agendas with the heart fire.


Victory, change, and growth are individual responsibilities with collective results.

The precipice is crumbling.

The ice caps are all melted.

We may not have enough strength to swim to shore,

But the human spirit is indeterminably tenacious.

And we know this.



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  1. mysanal says:

    Reblogged this on Mysa.


  2. mitchteemley says:

    I resonate with your rage. Humanity’s violence against itself is something we must strive to overcome, both individually and together.


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