Commissioned Performance + Installation Art:

Recitation of poetry, musical mantras, silent observances, color, film, sound and emotion all comprise an interactive and otherworldly experience of creativity and symbolism. Please submit an inquiry to discuss possibilities of in-person performance commissions or film installations.

Figure Model/Art Subject:

As an artist, I know how important a dynamic pose is to the growth of technique. I hold long-durational postures combined with a unique presence to bring life to your work. Please submit an inquiry for rates.

Learning Together:

Sacred Scrolls: The Art of Esoteric Poetry

This is *not* the workshop where you learn iambic pentameter. This workshop is the front seat to the creative realm where you have the safety to access the pain of your past and transform it into a sacred work of art. My teaching technique weaves spiritual insight into metaphor. I help you unearth the sacred legend in the lessons that made you the incredible being you are today.