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My Name is Anjana and I am an interdisciplinary artist and a spiritual teacher.  Interdisciplinary art is the practice of unifying different art forms into a tapestry that conveys a specific message. In my work I combine visual arts, film, music, poetry, dance, spiritual insights and energy, advocacy, and teaching to create Temple of Anjana.

As an ordained interfaith minister and pastoral counselor I have connected with hundreds of women who have felt a sense of displacement, who have needed to rediscover themselves through a tribe- a sisterhood that allows them freedom of expression. I believe it is my mission to create an artist collective and spiritual haven for women to heal from the wounds of their past and create a sustainable future. Everyone needs a place they can retreat to so they may dance away their blues, and paint the sky with their uniqueness. We are all masterpieces. I want to create a spiritually driven art house for women.


In the Temple of Anjana, my contributions are works that have thematic elements such as religion, spirituality, social change, and personal development. On a given day in the temple, one may see a series of art films, participate in a spiritual ritual, and have a group poetry reading.  I challenge the question “What is art?” by creating works of art from the immaterial – like fearless displays of emotion. I produce all of my own content and love to collaborate with incredibly artistic women.

My goal is to found and artist collective that will adopt a culture of conscious awareness and peace, and partake in acts of peaceful social change.


If you’re looking for justice in society, look for art. Art is the catalyst for social change. My objective with Temple of Anjana is to create a permanent studio space in the city of which I started my journey as an artist, Philadelphia.  I learned to perform at Freedom Repertory Theatre, a place where my heritage and self-respect were honed as essential crafts of life.

Philadelphia is known for its thriving art scene, but it also struggles with violence. It is a complex city that has beautiful culture but a troubled education system.  I want to address these issues through Temple of Anjana’s offerings of culture, art, and spiritual guidance. My fifteen-year-old son, Cosmo, plans on creating a youth sanctuary within the temple that will help his fellow brothers and sisters seek empowerment through artistic expression.

Temple of Anjana is a place where anyone who desires self-discovery and healing through creative expression, through their own work or witnessing the work of others in this sacred community space. The act of art is a form of cleansing from the conditioning that every one of us has the responsibility to heal.

PROJECTS 2016-2017

The first goal is to have a physical creative space so that I may work, teach, and host community events.Your donations today are going toward the creation of Temple of Anjana and the following projects scheduled for the creative year June 20, 2016-June 20, 2017:

Journey to Esoterica: This work is a spoken word album/audio memoir currently in production. Your donation will help pay for studio time, mixing and editing. All the music you have heard in the crowdfunding video has been produced, written, and performed by me.

Sacred Scrolls & Sanctuary Prayers: Spiritual poetry classes that will become a compilation for publication through my publishing house Pulsar Publishing & Media. Your donation will assist in costs of publishing curated works of poetry from members of my visionary artist collective.

14 Stations: Like the fourteen stations of The Passion of Christ, this exhibit creates a pilgrimage that incorporates film installations, projections, and performance pieces that tell my personal passion story. Your donation will help produce and curate this progressive work in large art spaces.

Here is your financial contributions will be utilized. Financial statements will be publicized:

1/3  Travel & Relocation Expenses: Erecting the Temple – obtaining 501(c)(3) Status

1/3 Production and Materials

1/3 Promotion and Community Outreach

Whether it is $10, $100 or $1000, your support is appreciated.  All donors at the $100 level and above will receive a copy of the Journey to Esoterica Album upon its completion. Please make sure to input your address to receive the gifts upon their completion. I will be giving regular updates and documenting my progress for accountablility purposes. Please make sure that I have received your email address to stay in communication. Thank you so much for your generous donation!

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