Bendita Tu Eres [Film]

There are so many layers of meaning to Bendita Tu Eres. My hope is that you come to be more comfortable with questions you are brave enough to ask yourself than answers you think you know.

EXILE [Short Film]

The opportunity to learn insights that only our emotions know comes from the sacred practice of release.

Who is Anjana? (Video)

In a rare glimpse behind the veil, Anjana emerges to discuss inspiration, spiritual influences, and artistic processes that are the foundation of her work.


I call forth all witches of the wild and light wielding magicians to the feast of my earthly assumption.

Life: An Artist’s Statement (VIDEO)

My artist statement begins with Cleansing. When I cleanse my home, I cleanse within. I purge negative emotions, brainstorm ideas, solve the world’s problems, and write erotic novellas.  I converse with old memories and assume new characteristics. My inner world unifies with the outer world when I prepare my sanctuary to present my life as a…