Anachronistica {Poetry}

Yesterday, I watched Frida Kahlo paint a masterpiece. Tomorrow, I will be born. My mother died before I was a woman. My son is my father. My hair grows upwards. My fears root themselves in my feet And my cycles are counter clockwise to the moon. I can’t please you, you’re just a pile of…

Journey to Esoterica

We have tried the just add water life of 9-5 and house with picket fence, cardigans and fake smiles. We feel like caged animals ready to pounce.

Pain Paths to Happiness

The events that have already occurred in your life are brimming with wisdom that will guide your future without you having to punish yourself.

Contemplating Love & Loss

Today I will begin a deeper spiritual practice for the holiday season. I will be using my white mala beads to do one hundred six recitations of the Heart Sutra: Gate, gate paragate, parasam gate, bodhi svha  One hundred recitations of this mantra means to take a journey to the other side of the shore,…