Pain Paths to Happiness

The events that have already occurred in your life are brimming with wisdom that will guide your future without you having to punish yourself.

Life: An Artist’s Statement (VIDEO)

My artist statement begins with Cleansing. When I cleanse my home, I cleanse within. I purge negative emotions, brainstorm ideas, solve the world’s problems, and write erotic novellas.  I converse with old memories and assume new characteristics. My inner world unifies with the outer world when I prepare my sanctuary to present my life as a…

Would You Elect Archie Bunker for President?

In the 1970s long before reality television held viewers by its voyeuristic stronghold, sitcoms were the fare that taught important lessons.  At a time of cultural upheaval for racial, sexual, and gender equality, the world’s most bigoted man was a fictional character.  Archie Bunker, the blue collar big-mouth, complete with cigar and slur was often…

Five Sacred Steps to Your True Calling

Let it be established: we all have a significant reason for being here, otherwise we would not exist. With this sacred act of life, realize that you can be all aspects of your calling that you wish to be. You don’t have to worry about what others think of you, it is none of your business.

The Shine Factor

When you live gratitude, you have all you need in the sacredness of the now energy. No more empty soul calories.