Who is Anjana? (Video)

In a rare glimpse behind the veil, Anjana emerges to discuss inspiration, spiritual influences, and artistic processes that are the foundation of her work.


I call forth all witches of the wild and light wielding magicians to the feast of my earthly assumption.

Anachronistica {Poetry}

Yesterday, I watched Frida Kahlo paint a masterpiece. Tomorrow, I will be born. My mother died before I was a woman. My son is my father. My hair grows upwards. My fears root themselves in my feet And my cycles are counter clockwise to the moon. I can’t please you, you’re just a pile of…

Journey to Esoterica

We have tried the just add water life of 9-5 and house with picket fence, cardigans and fake smiles. We feel like caged animals ready to pounce.

This is My Body. This is My Blood.

The Bread We Eat is the Whole Cosmos The message of Jesus during the Seder that has become known as the Last Supper was clear. His disciples had been following Him. They had had the chance to look in His eyes nd see Him in person, but is sems they had not yet come into…